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  • Conner360
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    Excellent work! So far, I've read to the end of Chapter 4. I like your use of dialect, and how historically-anchored your story is. I can definitely see some similarities between our stories! Having a woman and a child on board the Tinker should present some interesting challenges... Looking forward to more!
    Over the Hills and Far Away
    Over the Hills and...
    For the Salvage Comp XD Enjoy. Cover by Secrets Unfold
    Midnight Rogue
    4 years ago
    You mean back when Europe was so busy pounding its own brains out?
    4 years ago
    Basically. European countries have such dynamic histories that I just can't get enough of!
    Midnight Rogue
    4 years ago
    Mm. Very interesting. The squabblings between countries, the Holy Roman Empire, etc. Very, very interesting XD
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