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I am an avid reader and writer with a hope to someday be recognised as an awesome YA writer.
I've also started a blog which you can check out at: http://commanderofthereadingera.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Commander Sacdiyo
    Your style matches the context amazingly well - Eliza's great :)
    Everyone says love makes the world go round but is it true for Eliza McCann living in 17th Century Britain? Or is it just those special people who mean the whole wide world to you? The year was 1865....
    6 years ago
    Thanks :) xxx
  • Commander Sacdiyo
    Omg this is amazing, hahaha I honestly thought they were going to be really in love, then I reached the end and omg I was like Will is such a dick (no offence ofc) ;) LIKED
    Girl Heart Boy - If I Had Known
    Girl Heart Boy -...
    **Runner up for the Girl Heart Boy competition** If I Had Known it would end like that, I would have changed myself dramatically. I wouldn't known for dating a different boy every week and leaving them...
    Nina :)
    6 years ago
    Thanks!! :D x
  • Commander Sacdiyo
    This is great ;) your stories coincided with what you were saying perfeclty. Opening sentence was engaging too. Would you mind checking out my piece for the comp too? x
    Keeping It Real
    Keeping It Real
    For the keeping it real competition, about staying true to yourself and not giving in to the pressure of fitting in.
    6 years ago
    Thank you, and yes I will.
  • Commander Sacdiyo
    This is good ;) but the only criticism that I wil impose on you is that try and largen your paragraphs - all the small ones seem a bit distracting. Oh and I'm planning on getting blue highlights and now, I will deffo be sticking with it ;p
    The Road to Perfection (#KeepingItReal Contest Entry)
    The Road to Perfec...
    Self esteem is something that's really hard to achieve, but pays off in the end. If you've ever felt ugly, fat, mental, weird or just isloated, you're not alone. These things cause people to change...
    Nova XWN
    6 years ago
    Thank you for the criticism. Also, go for it! Blue highlights are really cool especially if you have really dark hair. It matches well. May I reccomend electric blue? Also if anyone doesn't like it, just tell them they're jealous cause their parents aren't as cool as yours (well, you have to be in school... but nevermind..)
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