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My name is Cøffee Jäeger. I am a fan of anime,Furries,video games and of course,reading fanfics. I do not have a history of fanfics yet. I will usually read shipping fanfics. I love to ship anime characters. I am currently watching Shingeki no Kyojin,in other words Attack on Titan. My otp's are
Levi X Hanji
Armin X Annie
Connie X Sasha
Jean X Marco
And sometimes Eren X Levi.
But,Levi beat the literal CRAP OUT OF EREN.....
Yea,I am an Otaku,Furry and a Gamer. I hate it when people stereotype other people for how they look. Take a tomboy for example, the female cuts her hair,it looks like a 'boy' hairstyle. She wears a....let's take Halo for example..... She wears a Halo shirt. She then looks like a boy. She goes to the restroom but people see her as a boy. I am also not bothered by gay people. I am completely fine with it. NEXT SUBJECT:
I love to draw,I have a passion for it. I love to turn my family members into anime characters,what fun. I usually want to finish a drawing that I have started in one day. But I cannot sometimes. I have not got down the FULL ANIME STYLE. But I can do a partial. The eyes,chin and HANDS,UGH HANDS ARE WHAT I NEED TO MASTER. I am pretty good at my age,so says my dad. I can't hold in my love for fanfics,but I hope you enjoy me joining,thanks!

I also like yaoi
(≧ω≦)   ( ・3・) Don't judge me.

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