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  • Coconut1010
    3 years agoReply
    What has happend to the Best Movella Competition?
    What happend @[Kennedy Shadownight ] ?
    Kennedy Shadownight
    I'm so sorry, but we didn't really agree on what should be done and nothing was progressing, so we decided to just give up. We were all stressed out and busy with our own business. I'm sorry, guys.
  • Coconut1010
    3 years agoReply
    is the competition finished
    Best Movella Competition!
    Best Movella Compe...
    Ever wondered if your movella is the best? Enter this competition to see which movella is the best! It may be you!
    Kennedy Shadownight
    Yes, now it is done. No more entering, but now is the time we will start the voting!
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