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Hey I'm 12 called Chloe Lloyd love singing and doing sports I'm a very bubbly person and always wanting to make new friends.

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    Hey there fans as I'm new I don't really know what I want to write anoint so could you give me Ideas of what to do. Thank you!!!
    I decided to join because I reeeeaaaallly like some books like daddy won't know and daddy won't see they are really good books I'm. Not really a writer type but I will try an hope for the best when I do make one can you comment what you think and don't put nice comments cause u wanna be nice cause I wanna know what I can improve on!!! Thank you again :D
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    Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it :) !!!
    Lily Anna
    5 years ago
    Hello and welcome to Movellas! I hope you enjoy yourself here. :) What I would suggest is taking inspiration from around you to use when your writing. Anything you see, hear or think which seems like it will help with your story, write it down. Even if you hear someone saying something and you think 'hey that's a good line' then write it down. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from people and things around you. :) Also writing what you know about helps. It's no use writing about a sixty year old doctor if you don't know anything about being a doctor. Write about what you understand, it helps a lot and makes writing easier. :)
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