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Hi, hope you enjoy some of my stories they are a mix of fiction and some are adapted from real life.
And some current affairs commentary

  • ClumsyDragon

    mumbled "X Factor UK a bit rubbish?"

    This years x factor is enjoyable to watch. However the contestants seem to be missing something- you might call it the x factor ha!
    Little Mix are the most likeable and I hope they win :)
    Oh yea and Dermet's dancing at the beginning of the programme is a desperate attempt to keep the show fresh and doesn't work- poor dermet.
  • ClumsyDragon

    mumbled "contagion- not very infectious "

    I recently saw contagion, im usually a fan of these "end of humanity" type films but- this film lacked direction, had a poor story line and was generally terrible. For example it goes into way detail about the virus all the way down to its molecular structure- completely pointless and boring!! for the viewer. Also it jumps from the CDC to people with the virus, then back again then to a conspiracy theorist (jude law) who claims to hold a cure to the virus. That sounds reasonable you might think but the problem it has no back story no context and this conspiracy theorist pops up during film every so often. In summary dont waste two hours of your life- if you include the trailers.
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