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I love reading, writing and hockey!!!!

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    Hey everybody it's me look I'm really sorry I haven't updated in like forever but I'm really stuck so I'm having a character competition read the next update to find out what you have to do.
    Lily Potter's Secret
    Lily Potter's Secr...
    Lily Potter "Princess" her mum and dad called her but all of that is about to change. Will Lily be able to keep her secret a secret when she starts Hogwarts under James' and Albus' watchful eyes. This...
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    Name:Holly Blight, appearance: frizzy red hair , Emerald eyes very tall and slim. House: Ravenclaw, very smart and always holdin/ carrying books, Wand: Phoniex tail feather willow 10 and a half inches. Family: sister- Cherry age 7, Sam aged 12 ( girl and in Hogwarts Huffelpuff),Louise aged 15 ( also in Hogwarts Ravenclaw) and Tom aged 4, mum: Catrin age 37, dad: Bill age 43 very smart and loud and energetic.
    Your letter from Hogwarts
    Your letter from...
    Good Luck...
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    If you don't like this you're CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love is Magical
    Love is Magical
    Professor Dumbledore left leaving only a note. It said that only the person who survives staying in a muggle school for a whole month without getting the person's true identity revealed would be able to...
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    Name: Louise Patterso.Appearance : frizzy red hair glasses hazel eyes and very tall for her age. Personality: extremely clever but really shy. Pet: barn owl. Blood status: muggle born. Quirk: always carrying boook's, getting piced on by slytherin kids and always revising or doing homework in the common room. Favourite subject: Transfigureation and Herbology. My Pottermore house: Ravenclaw
    YOUR year at Hogwarts
    YOUR year at Hogwa...
    Ever wanted to go to Hogwarts? Well here's your chance! Fill in the following: Name (first and last), no age because they will be eleven, appearance, personality, favourite subject, house (bearing in...
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    Sorry I am done with the comp :) Thanks anyway!
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    Once, Harry Potter was told that there were three unregistered animagi by his godfather, Sirius Black. But Sirius was wrong... there were four.
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