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    mumbled "Does this make any sense?"

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    I'm working on a conflict scene here but I'm not sure if this one line makes sense, a little help here please?
    *When Augi screamed May lost it. She kicked off from the wall, fell, landed on the back on the recliner with one foot and put all her weight into stomping the other into the face of the thing that her brother.
    "LET HIM GO!!" she snarled as she quickly kicked him in the side of the head with her other foot.

    Caught off guard and abruptly blinded by the sole of the teenagers worn shoe he released the youngster he had grabbed and was thrown backward not completely by the kick but more by the fact that all of the teenagers weight that was suddenly on his face.
    May's shoulder slammed into the ground as the first creature they met rushed away from the kitchen to help his brother and she didn't have to look to know the other one was also coming. And her stupid brother scrambled to get behind the recliner instead of getting away!
    "Augi run!!"
    "So you like to play footsie huh!?!" The big humaniod clamped his ankles around her neck and squeezed. "I'll show you footsie!"*

    See? It's that last bit of dialog there is what I'm unsure about. Does it make sense or not?
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    mumbled "Need a bit of advice"

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    Hey guys! This may seem like a weird thing to write for a first mumble but I'm writing this story that takes place in the marvel universe but prominently focus' on the journey of my own character and I'm not sure whether to class it as a fanfiction or as an original work. Can anyone help me out?
    3 years ago
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    I would count it as a fanfiction cause its going to take place in marvel
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    A Very Merry Marvel Christmas
    A Very Merry Marve...
    -Participant in the Merry Christmas Competition- 12 Days of Christmas, Marvel Style! (This isn't meant to fit the tune or rhyme so just enjoy!) *Disclaimer* I own nothing all characters and stuff evolved...
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