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Subbaram Danda is an author, freelance journalist and blogger. He lives with his wife Sampuranam in Chennai, India. He has travelled widely at home and abroad.

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    Have you read my latest e-book EXCITEMENTS EXOTIC? It offers delights of a different kind to be enjoyed – outlandish and stunning. It is available on all over the world. Each of its ten short stories bristles with suspenseful turns and twists and it is a challenge to the reader to predict the end in each case.

    A ravishingly beautiful teenager joins a secretly-conducted expensive course to learn how to trap and fleece the rich. At a bachelorette party organized for the first time in a conservative city, another girl considers it a rare opportunity to shake hands with a man standing like Michelangelo’s celebrated Statue of David. A brilliant medical student runs after a posh car in her birthday suit to collect her narcotic substances from a peddler inside. These and other incidents highlighted in the e-book represent the pains and pleasures experienced by many youngsters of today, highly ambitious and overtly assertive, in their all-out quest for thrills.

    I am an author, freelance journalist and blogger. I was the Chief of News Bureau of a multi-edition financial daily of India and also the Media Relations Chief of a foreign diplomatic mission. I live in Chennai, India
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    Known as Cleopatra on, my real name is Subbaram Danda.
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    Hi friends: I am Subbaram Danda, also known as Cleopatra. My latest e-book is titled EXCITEMENTS EXOTIC. It is available online all over the world at, the largest international retail chain. It highlights, through ten short stories, the pleasures and pains experienced by young women, who unwittingly dare to tread on unchartered tracks and taste the forbidden fruit. I am sure it will thrill you.

    My another book "Marvels Very Majestic" is also available as an e-book online. It presents twenty awesome creations across the globe, other than the celebrated Seven Wonders of the World, which too enthrall avid tourists with their grandeur and charm. It is available at

    Happy and entertaining reading!
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    Nice story. Moves fast. -- Subbaram Danda, Chennai, India.
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    Hi, I love this proposal. I am an author and a retired journalist (now freelancing). I am based in India. Is it possible for me to review your books?
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    Hi. Please follow the links and emails above. Thanks!
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