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I'm not very creative so I can't think of really much to say.

My name is Shanice and I live in England, like I have done all my life. I love music especially singing I do it all the time, just ask people who know me because I drive them crazy. That's about it really, nothing else really substantial to mention.

Feel free to speak to me whenever I'm nice :)

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  • ClearlyHopeless
    I understand what mood you were trying to put across the slightly discombobulated and distressed however the ideas were all a little scrambled. Personally, I would have included a little more detail because at the moment some of it seems a little too confusing so I'm not quite sure whats happening, as personally I feel a prologue should be used as a drawn in tool, although I haven't read the other chapters yet which I intend to do it doesn't give me a clear viewing of the story or much within it so I'm not feeling intruiged currently. But I am going to keep reading because your blurb/overview seems it makes me interested although short and the cover picture is enticing.
    The funnel story
    The funnel story
    A ghosts lonely wanderings reflecting on her time spent, and what it was spent on. Trigger warnings for rape and drug abuse.
    Paige Turner
    5 years ago
    Hello and thank you very much for your feedback, as much as I love every piece I write I do agree with you. I wrote this while still in high school and if I were to rewrite it now I would definitely do it differently. I will definitely make sure to make better blurbs for my pieces, I've been busy copying these over from my other account so haven't paid much attention but thank you so much
  • ClearlyHopeless
    This is a nice short intriguing start, your vocabulary impressed me and it made me interested as a reader. Almost all your sentences were run on which made it a little bit hard to read, you need more punctuation like commas and semi colons as it puts across even more the tone and expression of how you say things and gives it more meaning than just a random stream of consciousness. Apart from this it was really good and I really enjoyed it.
    Lie To Me Like You Mean It
    Lie To Me Like You...
    She was the type of girl you read about in bathroom stalls. You know the ones who to simply say they were promiscuous would be a massive lie. But she was perfection; or as close as a compulsive liar who...
  • ClearlyHopeless
    This was so cute and good. It made me laugh when he said "no buts, well not yet anyway"

    I like the way you describe things and put in a lot of detail. Unlike a lot of fanfiction which is poorly written drivel by obsessed 11 year old directionators. I really hope more people discover this story, the only problem I have was some sentences were structured awkwardly due to where you placed commas and stuff but just read over your work and have a look at it.

    apart from this really good :)
    will you be my valentine (Larry stylinson)
    will you be my val...
    This fanfic is about Harry and Louis. Two boys who are pretty single hope they find a girl that will change there lives.They end up having "the times of there lives". (Not really). Until Louis expresses...
    5 years ago
    J.K. Panesar
    5 years ago
    Sana, I edited the Life must go on. You need to tell me what comes next though.
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