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I enjoy anime, video games, learning about cultures, books, YouTube and writing. If you can't tell I'm very into bands like Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Black Veil Brides, We Are Harlot and more. I think that everyone can become connected through writing, music, laughter and just happiness in general.

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    mumbled "Updates Updates UPDATES! "

    Hey guys! I finished my next new Until Dawn fan storie's next chapter so go check it out and there will be more on the way! The same goes for my Konoha High School story! Thanks guys!
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    mumbled "Guess Who's Back?!"

    Hey guys! So I have to apologize for the really long wait for new updates. A lot has happened over the past few months :) first and foremost my boyfriend and I moved into our own place together and that has been fun AND crazy. Then we added a new edition to our family: a beautiful little black cat I named Rogue. So that makes two humans, two cats and one dog. Let me tell you life can be crazy as we all know :) but I'm back and ready to get my stories going once again!
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    mumbled "Lack of inspiration"

    Sorry no new writings have been up. Lately I haven't been feel inspired by anything so I will be on hiatus for a bit until I can get those creative juices flowing again.
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    mumbled "Death of Characters"

    Okay so I have decided that in my story I will control the fate of those who are in it but that doesn't mean some peoples requests could be completed in some alternate endings I have cooking up *insert maniacal laughter here*
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    mumbled "Fate Has Chosen"

    So far only one person responded to my mumble about who will live and who will die. So far it's Mike that is safe. But I will wait until after I finish the next chapter before choosing who will die out of the others but I have an idea of who I want eliminated
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