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  • Claudie
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    Really Really Really Good!!!! Hope you make a sequel. Is it ever coming out in book form?
    Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*
    Fifty Shades Of...
    **NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR MOVELLA IN FILM AND TV FANFICTION SINCE OCTOBER 2014!! ** 'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So,...
    2 years ago
    Aww thank you Claudie! So pleased you enjoyed it. I've had a number of requests to write more from Elena's point of view, so I'm looking into ideas for that. I wish it was coming out in book form, but with three quarters of the characters belonging to EL James, I wouldn't be legal LOL! Thank you so much for reading X
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