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  • clarissa Qiii
    Please update like now :(
    I Choose you | N.H
    I Choose you | N.H
    Niall horan is the high school badboy, he bullys all the nerds but what happens if he meets a girl at the club that he was dared to fake date! (Yellow for language only) Cover by: Maggi Styles
    4 years ago
    I'm really busy and I'm really sorry for not updating anything yet, I'll update when I get time, ik it's summer, but I'm still really busy :(
  • clarissa Qiii
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    nice job ; )
    My Beautiful Bully
    My Beautiful Bully
    Hi. My name is Kayla Forara. I go to ClanerVille High School where I get bullied by Niall James Horan. He bully's me everyday all the time. Why do I put up with him? I put up with him because he used...
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