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    Please update this is really amazing!!!!!
    Prince Hood {Calum Hood}
    Prince Hood {Calum...
    Y/n is a random commoner that is sent in to work for the Prince, Calum Hood, as his personal dresser. He doesn't even bother learn her name, which leads to Y/n despising simply everything he does. What...
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    Please update!!!!
    Letters (Calum Hood Fanfic
    Letters (Calum Hoo...
    Meet Jenna she was a 17 yrs old girl who loves 5 seconds of summer but she liked the whole band equally but she had a special feeling for Calum Hood she who always fangirl over him and the rest of the...
    2 years ago
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    I will on Friday I have kinda a schedule for when I update the books but I try to keep up with it so yah I will try
    Cal pals girlfriend
    I love this story!!

    Can you please update?? Just whenever you have time cause I really like this story so much!!!
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    I love this so much please update it love
    All the love- A and Juju
    18 - Ashton Irwin Fanfiction
    18 - Ashton Irwin...
    Alice has been friends with Ashton since he was 18, due to her brother always having him over and Ashton being her neighbor. She has always had a crush on him, but she felt as if she didn't have a chance....
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    Omg upppdaaate!!! Pweeeaaassse
    Young As We Are Now
    Young As We Are...
    When Jess moves to Australia with her Dad, she imagines that it will be as easy to finish her education as when she was in England. However, thanks to a certain blonde teenage musician, it seems that she'll...
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    Uuuupppddaaaattte!!! You are really amazing at this!
    Jet Black Heart // Luke Hemmings
    Jet Black Heart...
    *not famous* Luke was just the high school nerd. He cared about everything and anyone. That was until he started hanging out with the new girl, Kasey Clifford and her brother Michael Clifford. Staring: Luke...
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    of course! i will when i have time today but i'll start on it! (:
    3 years ago
    Yay!!! I cant wait
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