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Why would you want to know about my personal life?

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    Of course you are an interesting person. Everyone is, because everyone is basically a collage of unique experiences and opinions. Personally, I believe that if anyone can have the guts to share their life on the Internet, then they definitely have the potential to inspire and even teach people.
    You see, I both love and hate these Internet diaries. I hate them, because most of them revolve about...things that no one wants to hear (Apology to those who might be offended,). But I love them, because some of them are like yours. They're thought provoking and interesting. And that is what I feel is the purpose for these; to show how interesting the human race can be.
    My Diary
    My Diary
    This is just a diary about me , its nothing too interesting but just some things i do everyday. I guess you cant judge it until you read it ,right?...
    2 years ago
    Actually, "most of them" might not be accurate, mostly because when I say Internet diaries, I mean blogs on YouTube.
    1 years ago
    thank you. Honestly , i didn't think anyone would read this and i went offline for a month or so and didn't update. But thank you very much for you feedback :)
    1 years ago
    You are very welcome :)
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