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    mumbled "Really Stop!!"

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    Okay we can all be sad about Zayn quitting 1D, I know I am, but this "Cut for Zayn" and all the suicides there were over 200 people who killed them selves over this. STOP IT. Not blaming anyone but all of the people who couldn't let him and Perrie and saying all that harsh stuff about them is what did this. Its stupid lets hope everyone lets Louis and Harry be with there relationships. So stop the cutting and suicides there's no point in them.
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    … Are you serious? 200 people committed because Zayn left? Okay, yeah, its understandable to be upset, Zayn was part of a band who touched and changed many people but this is just unimaginable and is going to make Zayn hate himself.
    People still aren't thinking about how everything is effecting him. No one ever thinks about the band, and how everything is for them.
    2 years ago
    So true if people would of let him marry perrie then none of this would of happened. People shouldn't have started rumors and all the stuff they did and there would of still been 5 members not4
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    So the teacher asked the class what we wanted for Valentines Day
    A bunch of people said nothing, I said a dozen red roses and a giant teddy bear
    the teacher goes that's a women right there
    3 years ago
    wow we have a boring class
    i want a movie date where its just me and him, laying on a couch watching a movie and eating junk food (especially chocolate) without a worry in the world :) and a huge teddy bear. forget the roses xDD but yas!
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    OMG Plze just update this already
    Never say Forever
    Never say Forever
    You thought you met the love of your life, but it turns out, you met your worst nightmare waiting to happen. Can katie make it without breaking? or will she give up.
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