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  • CiaraStyles
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    im entering to win 5,000 swapits and my story is called 'Click click slide'

    There is this boy who goes to the corner shop everyday and buys sweets and one day he goes there and finds there is someone new at the counter. she is old with long grey hair and looks really scary. She says to him "beware of the click click slide". he buys his sweets from her and runs out quickly and runs home. the next day the same thing happens, she says to him "beware of the click click slide" but this time after he buys his sweets he says under his breath "strange woman" and the women rolls tin cans out the door after he left and the boy slips on them, stumbles into the road and gets hit by a truck and dies. as soon as his parents found out they were devastated.

    about 10 years later a couple and there children were eating dinner and they saw a hand on the table and the fingernails made this noise on the table 'click click slide' and it had made nail marks on the table and then the hand suddenly vanished and then they saw a figure in the window of the woman and the woman said "beware of the click click slide" and cackled really loudly! and then she put her hands up and thunder and lighting started in the air and lighting struck through their house and hit the middle of their dinner table killing the whole family! legend says that the ghost of that old woman still haunts that house and the little boy haunts the corner shop and he paces throughout the shop day and night thinking about what the old woman meant when she said "beware of the click click slide" mumbling to himself what she could have meant.....
    Jordan Philips
    5 years ago
    Hi! Thanks for entering the competition! I wanted to let you know that this entry hasn't counted. To enter, you have to upload a new movella ( and then click the green button in the corner of this page that says Join This Competition. Good luck!
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