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Why MARVEL is Meaningless.

by , Monday July 31, 2017
Why MARVEL is Meaningless.

"The Marvel franchise is just a bunch of passable movies with no true meaning."

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  • Chrissy Sky
    3 weeks agoReply
    Awe thank you @[the force of storms] !! I hope you enjoyed it! :D <3

    Also that cover for Borders and Barriers is really good!
    Katie Pharoah
    2 weeks ago
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    Ooh thank you, for both the cover and the recommendations in the blog XD
  • Chrissy Sky

    mumbled "Instagram!"

    3 weeks agoReply

    If you don't already know, I have a bookstagram page on Instagram where you'll find all sorts of bookish aesthetics... :D

    And if you stay tuned, there may be more Movellas-inspired Instagram surprises coming your way. ;)
    Chrissy Sky
    3 weeks ago
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    My username is @chrissyskybooks so you can just type that into the search bar.
    Book Maker
    3 weeks ago
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    Ahh, found it!
    Chrissy Sky
    3 weeks ago
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    @[Book Maker] yay! Glad you did :)
  • Chrissy Sky

    Instagram Themes

    3 weeks agoReply
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    Hey guys!

    As I said the other day, Skye has recommended that we come up with some themes of our own for the instagram page.
    I was thinking we could have 4 photos on each theme, with one photo posted every day (or every two days), with longer time gaps in between each theme.

    Since it's coming up to Christmas, I thought that could be one of our first themes. However, it's unlikely any of us have our Christmas decorations out yet, so we could do that at the beginning to middle of December.

    I want to avoid doing too many fandom themes. We can still choose a few fandoms for this (cause everyone loves fandoms, am I right? xD), but it'd be nice to focus on other areas, such as the four seasons, or different genres of books. For example, OwlCrate and FairyLoot (the popular monthly book box subscriptions) have themes like "Wanderlust" (travel/roadtrips), "Myths & Monsters" (fantasy and things like Doctor Who would fit with that one), "All The Feels" (books that have sad storylines), "Castles, Courts & Kingdoms" (fantasy) and you get the picture.

    So yeah, I think we can be creative with this. I'm not sure how you guys want to spread the workload. I'm guessing it's personal preference, cause you don't have to do this if you don't want to. I'm quite happy to get stuck in as I have a bookstagram page anyway, and I know Storms is great at photography too. All I'm saying is don't feel like you have to contribute to the Instagram page if that's not your thing. We have plenty of other projects to work on too.

    Anyhow, we could assign a theme to those who want to be involved, and it's up to them to take all the photos for that theme. (I think this would be better because then file transfers are just so much simpler.)

    Tell me your thoughts, potential issues, and of course, theme suggestions!! :D

    I'd love to do a theme called "The Devil's Black Hat", the name of which I literally just conjured up out of nowhere, with books about murder mysteries, darkness, crime and death. Yes. Yes, I'd like that. xD

    The other thing I'd like to note is that our photos don't have to be all about published books, we can feature stories on Movellas too, that are linked to the running theme.

    - Chrissy

    Themes (in no particular order):
    - The Devil's Black Hat (murder mystery, darkness, crime) ||
    - Winter (festive joy, cosy feels, stories for snowy days) || December!
    - Subterfuge (deceit, darkness, trickery) ||
    - Enchanted Wanderers (fantasy, kingdoms, magic) ||
    the force of storms
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    I’m too busy right now to have much involvement in this, so all I can say is you should do whatever you think best (probably don’t give out the password to everyone though, just have one or two people do the posting).

    Test out the idea with just our group and try and promote it as much as you can across Movellas then other social media. You should probably have a few months of themes planned and what you’re posting for them decided before you start the first theme, just so you know it’ll all be consistent
    The Intelligence Division
    ^agrees with everything just said there.
    I am also really quite busy.
    Chrissy Sky
    1 weeks ago
    That's fine guys, I totally understand. I'm also insanely busy but I still have a lot of motivation to do this simultaneously. I have practice with it, so I'll be okay organising things. I hope it's going to tun out good.
  • Chrissy Sky
    1 months agoReply
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    It's a way of escaping from reality. And, as funny as it sounds, the books one reads are not always perfect in every way, there are always little things I'd change about a story if I could. So I guess by writing my own, it's like creating my own little perfect world, and it doesn't matter if someone else dislikes it because it's perfect to me and I always like having the satisfaction of knowing that. :) Then of course, there's the frustrations of editing and always feeling the need to improve, but that can be a good thing too.

  • Chrissy Sky
    1 months agoReply
    Hi Skye! Not sure if you got my email about the exciting blog/Q&A video?? I posted a thread about it on the ambassadors group to enlist the help of fellow ambassadors. I would just like to know your thoughts on the matter. :D
    - Christina
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