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lovable and fun

  • Chrisma2001
    4 years agoReply
    Um wierd... Why nort make it no trealistic.
    Albus Potter and the Ghost's Secret
    Albus Potter and...
    "There may no be Lord Voldemort... But there are still secrets Hogwarts have..."
    4 years ago
    Do you mean realistic or not realistic?

    First of all, for realistic-
    If you don't know what Harry Potter is, you've been living in a forest. Harry Potter is not supposed to be realistic, it is in a fantasy genre.

    For unrealistic-
    It IS realistic. What about that floaty figure levitating around the window? Sure, that's very realistic. You can see ghosts inside and out, just picking flowers in a random flower field. Very realistic, indeed! Use your common sense!
  • Chrisma2001
    5 years agoReply
    can i be jacobs gf i have big brown eyes almost brown hair and my name is maya and also this why i want to be because i have a boyfriend named jacob. i love tattos, dirtbike and i am also nerdy.
    Mr.Styles and Mr.Payne *ON HOLD*
    Mr.Styles and Mr.P...
    Kelli and Chloey are juniors in high school and they are really popular and two new teachers come to Best Fire High School. The new teachers take a interest in Kelli and Chloey and they take quiet an interest...
  • Chrisma2001
    5 years agoReply
    Bad Ones ( Sequel To Kidnapped By One Direction )
    Bad Ones ( Sequel...
    hey guys this is basically a ride on from my previous movella kidnapped by one direction if you havent read it yet i advise you do as it contains alot of info that will be included in this book.
    5 years ago
    going to soon x
  • Chrisma2001
    5 years agoReply
    good job update\
    Kidnapped By One Direction
    Kidnapped By One...
    16+ content. Curse words. Katelynn is in a really bad spot. She can't go home to her parents. And she doesn't have any friends to resort to. She is stuck with One Direction. This would be any girls dream....
    5 years ago
    thank you. im trying. more is on the way. I write before i type. i have plenty of story to go :)
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