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I need a clear head to write, too much work makes the water a little too murky to construct and be lyrical.

  • Chris Ne Pas Plume
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    The opening could be a little tidier, there are only 2 names here:
    Ava, and Ella are her three closet best friends
    And did you mean closest?
    da Holiday
    da Holiday
    When everything seem to be going well then unexpected makes it move, and when it does... everything changes. Just sometimes there is no such was as the 'easy' way and maybe it is a one way street. Choosing...
    Katrina Marie ♥
    sorry, I forgot to add the other name ... it was meant to be Ava, Kathy and Ella are ....
    thanks for pointing it out to me :)
  • Chris Ne Pas Plume
    Please add me for next month. C
    Movellas Friendship Day
    Movellas Friendshi...
    This happens once every month for people looking for people to be friends. We put different people together and that we don't think are already friends. They then fan each other and create a co-author...
    Ehhh Nah
    5 years ago
    Ok, done :D
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