I love my friends and would do anything for them!
I travel a lot!
< Picture is at top of Empire State Building - my favourite place is NYC <3
I would also become anybody on here's fan, so just post on my blog if you wanna be fanned :) I would also appreciate if you fanned me back!

My ambition is to become a Lawyer and get into Exeter University, but that is quite high expectation so may never get there :( My grades are good and I do well at school, with one of my best subjects being English - thats why I like writing on here - you can be as articulate as you want, without being called posh!

I would like to become a Movellas ambassador, but haven't sent an application yet :/

I work in a cafe in the summer, but think I will work in Mum's accountancy firm this year to get a mixed experience for when I want a job later on.

I love writing, reading and going to the beach with my friends! I have written for, like, ever so i hope you like my stories!x

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