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  • Luke J.R
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    @[Brooksiebee] The words you have used truly speak to me for some reason. I think it's because of all the 'ing' in these words. It just fits so well with the final line of your Poem. Anyway, I'd rate this a high (10/10) due to it being short and still managing to make me care. :')

    - Luke J.R
    50 word fiction contest
    14 hours ago
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    Thank you so much! That means a lot! :)
    Luke J.R
    13 hours ago
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    No problem! :)
    Luke J.R
    5 minutes ago
    @[Brooksiebee] There's a New Follower (What, Where?) Here.
  • Brooksiebee

    mumbled "Flash-fiction"

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    Have finished my first entry for the flash fiction contest, would really appreciate some views on it! Thanks y'all :)
    Escape50 word fiction contest
  • Brooksiebee

    mumbled "Ughhhhhh"

    1 years agoReply
    Everywhere I go, there is 1D! Not that I don't like them, but seriously guys?! Do you need to be mubling about them that much? :) Rant over.
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