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    Chapter 1 - I just can't get enough of you. ♥

    Hey! I'm Courtney! I'm 17 years old and currently living in Mullingar , West Meath , Ireland. It always rains like poo :(
    I have two Bestfriends , Jenifer and Mackenzie♥
    Well i'll leave it there!Bye!

    ughh another message , oh great , i'ts Niall , note the sarcasm...
    We were fighting again as per usual.
    'Well its not my fault if your a slut is it?' The message read.
    That was it. I'm sick of it. I haven't even had my first kiss yet....
    'Niall just leave me alone.' I texted back rapidly not hoping for a reply.
    The phone buzzed straight away.
    'Gladly.' It read.
    I guess that's it , you see me and Niall have been friends since we were around 6 or something , but now he thinks he's great because he's touring America in his stupid band One Direction. He's constantly bragging about it and i'm sick of it.

    I went downstairs and made some bacon and fried egg. When the food was cooked I sat at the table emotionless with a plate full of food just staring at me. That's it i'm going over to him , now.
    I got to his house as quick as I could as knocked at the door firmly. I was greeted by his lovely mother.

    'Oh Hello Courtney , you got my message did you?' She said.
    'Message , what message?' I asked
    'Oh your mother told me she would tell you.' She said
    'Oh she isn't home yet' I said as I smiled.
    'Oh okay then i'll get Niall to tell you then , NIALL!!!' She shouted.
    'oh what now ma!!' He shouted down.
    'Its your friend , Courtney' she said. Not really anymore.
    'Oh...' He said as he came down the stairs with a look of disgust on his face.
    'So are you going to tell Courtney the news' his mam said.
    'Hmm' he said.
    She elbowed him , I guess she really wants to tell me...
    'Well I have to bring a guest with me to America with me for protection , as Paul called it and no one else can come so I was wondering..?' He said
    'No.' I said firmly
    'Please Courtney! It's really important to me!' He whined.
    'FINE!!' I shouted
    'But im still anoyed with you.' I said as I walked away and back home.
    I got in from the snow and cold and ran upstairs.
    'Hey mum' I said as I seen her taking down three suitcases out of her room.
    'You heard' My mum asked
    'Yep..' I said awkwardly
    'Whats wrong sweetie?' She asked me
    'Its just that me and Niall are fighting.' I said as a few tears slipped down my cheeks.
    'Aww honey , don't cry , you'll make up.' She said soothingly
    'but mam we always end up fighting again.' I said as I started to cry heavily.
    'Honey , just calm down , pack your bags and get a nice sleep before tomorrow.' She said as she kissed my forehead and hugged me.
    'Okay' I said as I got up.
    'Love you' she said.
    'Love you too' I said as I got the suitcases.
    I finished packing all my clothes , shoes , jewlerry , toilitries , perfumes , everything.
    I let my hair down from the bun I put in earlier.
    I put my pyjamas on , turned the light off , set my alarm for 6:00 am , and slipped under the duvet. Tomorrow im going to be in another country , with a boy I love but hate it , what a great life I have , not.

    It's kinda crap , but hey , first chapter ._.
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