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Follow me because my name; Chloe Sajeda Cowell.
Yes I know, I have the same surname as Mr. Simon Cowell, not related to him, unfortunatlly.

I don't really know how to write these bio things so Hi, I love One Direction, Five Seconds Of Summer and The Vamps.
And, urmm, bye.

  • Chloe Cowell
    Hey babe, can I have one? Thanks.

    Title; It's Everything
    Author; Chloe Cowell
    Celebs; Harry Styles (Demon picture please)
    Characterlistics; If you do want to include some one else then someone with brown hair and eyes, white skin (I think that's what you'd say))
    Phrase; 'He Intrigues Me' (Don't have to include)
    Extras; **************

    Thank-You, please could you do it by Friday or Saturday? If not then don't worry; thanks.
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    Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson
    Sure babe; I'll start working on it today.
    It should be up either today or tomorrow! ❤️
    Chloe Cowell
    3 years ago
    Okay, cool thanks!
    Mrs. Chloe Tomlinson
    Hi babe, I've done the cover but I might not be able to upload it today; sorry ��
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