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    I can be a co-author and UPDATE !!!!!!!!!
    KIDNAPPED!! By Louis Tomlinson?
    KIDNAPPED!! By Lou...
    Tiffany didn't have a life a 12 year old should. No show dad and a mom with a drinking problem. Her mom abuses her and starves her. One day she gets kidnapped by Louis Tomlinson. But why?
  • ChinaDoll1701
    Update and I could be a writer to if you need help
    Kiddnaped by one dircetion
    Kiddnaped by one...
    12 year old Bella had a hard life. Her mom left years ago and her dad is a drug dealer. One day a Louis finds out about her dad,and wants to protect her. One problem her dad will not let him take her so...
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    Love this update some
    It All Started With A Twitcam And A Tweet
    It All Started Wit...
    Mikki and her friends Bella, Kadi, Jozette and Chelsea made a group YouTube account where they uploaded remix's to famous music videos, one day they uploaded a video to Live While We're Young by One Direction,...
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