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  • Lilacey β€πŸ•
    Oooooooo spicy! Interesting and well written hugh! :DDDDD
    Blades of Green and Gold (Name suggestions are still open)
    Blades of Green...
    Gardain: a once barren wasteland known as Antarctica. After the great floods people started showing up where a very clever man saved and claimed the land as his own. The king had a daughter and she was...
    Lilacey β€πŸ•
    idk. Maybe just call it Aven???
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    There's another character called Nix

    His ragged breathing was the only sound—
    “Nix Christopher Reitveild!”
    A shout came from far below him, and it took a moment for Nix to realise he’d been caught. He tried to find the best escape route, but it had been too late.
    “Nix get down here this instant,” the voice of his mistress—Mistress Maanhadden—called again, “You better pray to your Saints if I have to come up there!”
    This wasn’t the first time Nix had tried to escape the madhouse, not by a long shot. He had tried many times after his father dumped him there. An innocent little boy, left to sleep with djelleo. His father had claimed he was insane beyond repair, leaving the dreadful place before young Nix could follow him home to his much needed mother. But truth be told he did deserve to be there. Just a little.
    I just wanted to see my home. “Why must I come?” he shouted down.
    “Master Fuller requires your help in the field. I won’t speak of this if you come without a fight.” The cruel woman plastered up a smirk.
    “I’m not coming down just so you can seduce me into keeping your bed warm, Dianne.” Maanhadden flushed—she was barely older than he was, yet she acted like a sixty year-old—placing a thick wad of 100 costea bills on the wooden deck of the Lady Rein. A rare change of tactic. A challenge. He’d have to choose the money or the freedom his well-earned boat brought. Like hell I’ll choose, he thought. I’ll take both once I snap your neck.

    that's his chapter
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    Well...the start of it
  • Lilacey β€πŸ•
    Very good
    Thick Skin
    Thick Skin
    (Entry for Diversity Competition) There was once a time where young girls were free. They happily ate ice cream, pizza, and cakes. There once was a time before they were scared to see a number. This...
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