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All about that bass. ❤️
You'll find that I love to write but you don't have to read. Thank you for all the support!

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    I love this SO much!!!!
    ~Nash Grier Fanfiction~ Amanda Grier went missing at the age of five. Her older brother Nash (Hamilton) swore to find her not matter what it took. After Magcon ended for good, he had more time to search....
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    I am so sorry. I lost my old account. Follow this one, I'll update as soon as I can!! I'll have "My Brothers Roommate" back up but idk about half a heart. Thank you all! -Cheyenne. ❤️❤️❤️
    My Brother's Roomate.
    My Brother's Rooma...
    Lyah Marie Dallas' brother was her savior. Cameron comes in with a sidekick. Lyah falls for him. Will he catch her? Is he the bad guy everyone says he is? Or is he the real hero? Copyright. 2014. ©
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