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  • Cheyenne Mathers
    How do u put a fan fiction on here
    Love 1D
    Love 1D
    This is a one direction fanfiction. this is my first fanfiction and i hope you like it! When Elle goes into town in London will she meet her 5 idols and will 2 be fighting over her? find out in "Love 1D"
    5 years ago
    You have to go on internet and sign in and ten you'll see a big button wrote a movella AMD ten click and you can start! Xx
  • Cheyenne Mathers
    How do u write a fan fiction on here
    Not Reality
    Not Reality
    When 5 girls get surprised to get to go to a 1D signing. One of the guys starts to fall for one of the girls. But her abusive boyfriend soon starts to get in the way. What will happen? shhhh, I cant tell...
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