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    mumbled "Read on Wattpad"

    I notice that I am getting more readers on here and I highly appreciate it but I have moved Troubled Boy to Wattpad and will not be writing on here anymore. Please, if you want to see what happens, download Wattpad (it's better and free) and read on there. Once again, I am terribly sorry for this and I hope you aren't upset! Love you guys and enjoy reading the rest of my story on Wattpad!!!!!������
    I believe it is better because it is easier to publish on there and every time I save something as a draft it automatically gets published even though I'm not done. Also, I know of an author that is now famous because of her story "After" and it is now published as a hard copy. Wattpad is more popular too. And there are more stories so yes, it will be harder to get readers hooked on a story but it's the dedication that pushes it along and attracts more readers. Right now, on Wattpad, I have 13 readers. I don't expect 10k in a month or even 6 months but I just want to provide something enjoyable to Wattpad users. And I agree that it will help me in the long run if I become an author because it'll help me with my writing skills. So those are my thoughts. Sorry that this is very long and I hope you took your time to read it. I did take your opinion into consideration and I hope you have a great day! Thank you for your feedback!
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    mumbled "Cover change!"

    Hello! So I changed the cover for the book and now it's better!! If you want to continue reading Kylie's journey in life, look for Troubled Boy on Wattpad!!! Here's the cover: it looks something like this!>>>

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    mumbled "I have a SURPRISE!!!"

    Hello! Guess what!? I POSTED MY STORY ON WATTPAD!!!!!YAY!!! I will now be writing it on there instead of here so I apologize to any reader without wattpad and I suggest getting it!!! It is a great app (and free) !!! Again I'm sorry if I stop writing on here!!!! Be sure to read it on wattpad!!!! Thanks!!!!!
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    mumbled "Xmas!!!!!"

    I may not be able to update a lot during break so i just wanted to let you know. Happy early Holidays!!!! Love you guys!!! Oh and if you want me to post this story on Wattpad LET ME KNOW! COMMENT YES OR NO! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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