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  • CheshireOffspring
    Hey, r all of ur stories gonna be yaoi??
    Is 'people and places unknown' yaoi too?
    btw I like the way u write its awesome ;)
    Souvenirs From Dead Worlds (boyxboy)
    Souvenirs From Dea...
    Sam's job is to make a record of cultures before the drones come and destroy them. He's supposed to take artefacts, not people. Kias doesn't know what's going on, but there are metal monsters flying around...
    4 years ago
    Thank you! Yes, all my stories will always be yaoi. I have a bit of a fixation.
    Cooooool :D
  • CheshireOffspring

    mumbled "AWESOMESAUCE!!!"

    Movellas is really cool and I enjoy reading everybodys stories ^-^
    Maybe I will write a story of my own but I don't know how to start >-<
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