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I love werewolf stories!! But I can't write my own because I have and account on wattpad to look after also!! OuranChick is my name!! ������

  • MyBabyWerewolf
    Ugh!!! WRITE MORE!!! ����������
    Alice Bell is a werewolf who’s only 16 years old. The werewolf pack was separated due to word spreading that hunters have found out their location. So Alice and her family(she has five "were" brothers...
  • MyBabyWerewolf
    This book doe����������������
    Not Anymore (slowly editing)
    Not Anymore (slowl...
    Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to...
    Judy KL
    2 years ago
    stay tune. ! im almost done writing the second chapter of the next book which has already been posted if you wanna check that out after you're done with Not Anymore ☺️ just click on my profile to find the sequel, Not Giving Up
    Hope you enjoy reading the rest, if you are i mean i dont want to seem like im forcing you to read it ���� haha well bye and thnxs for your comment ��
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