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Ello people of the internet! It's me cheese! Some um...I guess I'm supposed to put what I like on here so...I love creepypasta's! And I love Zelda! And I love pokemon! And I love the color blue! And I love track and field! I also like the bands MCR (My Chemical Romance), BVB (Black Viel Brides), and Green day. And erm...that's about it! See you people of the internet later! ^.^

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    mumbled "not updating for a while"

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    So..all my stories are on hold right now. Something major happened...so yeah!
    Cheese the cheesy
    Some pretty bad things happened...Yeah it'll go into the love and war story when I get back to posting so.... I don't wanna spoil it...haha
    3 years ago
    I'm sorry, should be glad it is going into the book. But that's terrible!!!! Will see u Monday at school
    Cheese the cheesy
    Yeah I'll see you school XD I'll tell you then if you want.
  • Cheese the cheesy
    It'll be ok bro... DON'T U DARE SAY U ANT TO DIE! THAT KILLS INSIDE! I know how it feels but look at me bro! Iz all good
    I Have Always Loved You
    I Have Always Love...
    My letters to my boyfriend. Inspired by R.D.M. Goldlight and SMD1120.
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