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  • Cheergurl
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    This is so funny! How could this offend someone?
    how to write the best 1D fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how to write the...
    omg u guys its liek really easy just followmy steps and u'll get tons of likes and followers cover foto is 1D harry styles hes so sexie omg. This is a parody of 1D fan fictions. Also, if you find...
    5 years ago
    According to the site dude Jordan, it's been "offending" a lot of people. I'm not sure why. Everyone seems to think it's a riot :)
    Emmieee <3
    5 years ago
    I agree. If it offended people that write like this, they would already be sending you hate comments with a ridiculous amount of swearing like they usually do.
    5 years ago
    Exactly. I think Jordan's just upset because it's the most popular thing in the humour category.
  • Cheergurl
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    Tajah and harry from one direction please!! And could it be romantic?
    One Direction and Others, One Shots and Imagines!!! xx
    One Direction and...
    Writing one shot imagines here for people who request it!!! Hope you like them. Each one is unique and special just for you! If you want one, just put your name, the guy you'd like (any guy and tell me...
    5 years ago
    of course!!! it should be up by tmrw!! ~ xx
  • Cheergurl
    5 years agoReply
    Tajah and harry please!!! :)
    one direction imagine
    one direction imag...
    one direction imagines! If you want a personal one just favorite this fanfiction ,post your name the boy/boys you want , your info ( your height , eye and hair color) and the story idea !!!
  • Cheergurl
    6 years agoReply
    Hey I'm Tajah I have brown eyes and hair. Can I have it with harry please? :) thanks!
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Hi I will be doing requests for these imagines and you can add the Lads' girlfriends like Danielle, Elenor, Perrie, Taylor and Amy however some of the Lads' will be single but i'm not sure who but i am...
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