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I'm the kind of girl who can be quiet and a lot of people don't really know me. Except my sister well I should say my twin sister yup u heard it I have a twin. I am also a cheerleader and I can get pretty loud. My favorite color is pink. Did I mention I'm kinda boy crazy? Well I am and proud of it and I can get sassy at times and my friends say I'm a flirt well that's some stuff about me. So I hope you enjoyed.

  • cheerandluvpink
    plz update it sounds interesting: D
    The Creeper!?!?
    The Creeper!?!?
    Hi Im Amy Today Was Fine For My First Day But On My 2nd Period I Noticed There Was A Boy With A Blue Hoodie On Following Me....First I Thought He Just Was Heading To The Same Class As Me But He Was...
  • cheerandluvpink
    this is so good so far please update. :D
    The Two Year Deal
    The Two Year Deal
    What if you only had two years of your life left to live? Two years to do everything you ever wanted to do. What if you were only eighteen when this happened? An eighteen year old girl with two...
    4 years ago
    Wow I'm glad you like it. I will try and update soon :)
  • cheerandluvpink
    omg plz update its so good I'm dying 2 read it
    Heart Break Hotel
    Heart Break Hotel
    I wasn't perfect nor popular. I wasn't a geek or a loner, my life was just complicated. Ever since kindergarden I've been teased because of my imperfections. I was flawed in almost every way but now.....
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