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  • Cheeky Chimp
    Please write more!
    Love is Dangerous
    Love is Dangerous
    This is a love story of sorts, a young man has a fascination with his own step sister, he can have any girl he wants, and he does, but the unobtainable nature of his own step sister is too tempting to...
    D.B. Fairless
    5 years ago
    I will dont worry :P cheers for reading
  • Cheeky Chimp

    mumbled "I hate Rain!"

    Rain, rain go away, never come back on a holiday,
    Rain, rain go away come again on school days!
    Comment if u hate rain 2 :(
    5 years ago
    I cannot comment as I love rain, because living in Scotland- I get used to it! How ironic -Alisa xx
    Just Fly
    5 years ago
    we might not be able to get to school on time tomorrow cos of the olympic torch in amble, i saw it in scotland - it was rubbish, but coca cola handed out mini coke bottles!!! they gave it to a 80 year-old-woman and not me....weird or what?
    5 years ago
    FU** RAIN!
  • Cheeky Chimp
    this is really great Annabi! I reccomend breaking it up into smaller chapters tho keep on writing i wish timothy was like my brother!
    Alisa's story- Amity
    Alisa's story- Ami...
    Long awaited but please do love it or you are a bunch of nazi zombie who eat babies, smiley face.
    5 years ago
    Yes I am trying to shorten my chapters as I can't even read my own chapters without getting distracted! Haha xx Timothy is the dream brother and like a dream he will never really be real, sadly! Well, thanks for the support!! - Alisa xx hoping for you to write back :P
  • Cheeky Chimp
    Lol this is so funny, can I join the next one? xx
    Weird Short Stories
    Weird Short Storie...
    A collection of weird and incredibly short stories. If you think they are good please 'Like' and 'Favourite'. All comments are read and appreciated! Thanks!
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