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I'm somewhat of an aspiring writer, but the dreaded writers' block has hold of me. So please don't expect too much content. I, however, am an avid reader, and would love to check out any Movellas you guys think needs critique or feedback. c:

  • Chazology
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    Wow! You've added a lot since I last read this! I read this when your newest chapter was the second or third. I still love this story as much as I did one year ago. This story has literally held me in suspense for a year, constantly on my mind but I never had time to read it, or go on movella at all for that matter. I sped through the most recent chapters and they each contain great depth and energy that keeps the pace going fast but consistent. Definitely an epic movella. Keep up the good work!
    After the devastating event Seth experiences with his best friend Tyler, Seth's had constant visions warning him of what to come; his Aunt's car crash, the twin towers... Then in a matter of months, he...
    3 years ago
    This is a new account, but I'm pretty sure my old comment is down below somewhere.
    Nina :)
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    Haha I just saw this :) Thanks! In all honesty when I read through this I just cringe as I wrote most of this about three years ago. I'm debating whether or not I should just finish it or just delete it all together! xD
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