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Hi, My name is CharlotteRose and I am 16 year old. I live in England and I love writing stories, poems and plays. I have won a few writing competitions and I am really excited to be a part of Movellas!

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    Aww, I love this short story! Your description of Willow is amazing! I'll definitely look forward to reading more like this!
    Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom
    Willow is a young barn owl. Her parents forbid her to leave the homely nest even though Willow's other,older siblings are long gone. All she has left now is Cherry, her little sister, and the boring barn...
    6 years ago
    Thank you!x
    6 years ago
    I'll write some more!!
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    mumbled "Day 730+1"

    It's summer (apparently) and I've left school until September! Yes, I'm free to do whatever I want to!
    Unfortunately, I haven't really been making to most of this opportunity, so I've decided to brush the dust of the 'novel' that I began writing two whole years ago! At the moment it's not really long enough to be a novella though, let alone a novel, so I'm revisiting it and attempting to fill it out!

    Right now though I'm going out shopping and then to my drama class.
    Watch this space...!
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    I love it! Th opening lines are extremely emotive and I really get a sense of the speakers POV! <3
    Rain Watching - 23/5/2011
    Rain Watching -...
    Just random poems I've written; this will probably be added to over time - I think 'Rain Watching' is a good name for a book, and as I usually write poetry when it's raining (literally or metaphorically)...
    Thank you :))
    ACM xxx
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    This is very good! I would love to read more like this! :D The final stanza is absolutely fantastic!
    Collection: Chronicle of the Blood-Filled Crown
    Collection: Chroni...
    Extended ballad about treachery, war, love and justice :) [and quite literally, at that]
    Midnight Rogue
    6 years ago
    There are more chapters ^_^'''
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