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Don't really write many stories or anything but really enjoy reading them which is why I signed up. If you do read any of mine, all comments and criticism is welcome :')

  • CharlesDickens
    Nice detail, been looking for a vampire vampaneze movella for ages. Please could you check out mine?
    Darius Shan - The Decendent of...Darius is the son of Steve Leonard and nephew of Darren Shan. This is his story, and how the universe changed when his ancestors changed their fates and...

    After Darren Shan, the Vampires and Vampanezes lived in peace. But some Vampaneze thought that they shouldn't and broke away. Chaos spread the world. Sam is a half Vampire. He doesn't know, but when...
  • CharlesDickens
    Two of my favourite books put together! BRILLIANT! Please update ASAP :D
    The Hogwarts Newcomers
    The Hogwarts Newco...
    This is for the CROSSOVER COMPETITION! Sorry, did that in capitals because I'm really excited for this competition, even if I don't win. After all, its the taking part that counts and I hope you enjoy...
    Amber Writes™
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much! I definitely will! :D
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