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    one day there was a little girl called Molly, her mom had just died in a car accident so she had to go and live with her dad and step-mom. when she turned 9 her dad gave her the present which her mom was meant to give her. it was a sweet little china doll and she named it Holly. on the night of her birthday when she was sleeping, she heard noises saying 'Molly im going to kill you' the noises seemed to be coming from the china doll so the next day she moved it downstairs.the following night she heard the doll once again and it said ' Molly im at the bottom of the stairs and im coming to get you' the next night 'Molly im halfway up the stairs and im coming to get you' the night after that 'Molly im at the top of the stairs and im coming to get you' on the last night of the haunting the doll said 'Molly im outside your door and im coming to get you' suddenly... her bedroom door opened and before she could take cover, Holly the china doll was on her bed holding the sharpest knife she had ever seen! before Molly had the chance to scream she had been brutally stabbed 12 times mainly in the heart. the next day when her dad and step-mom went to wake her up, they screamed at the sight of their dead daughter but the weirdest thing of all, was that the china doll was on her cabinet. on it was an evil grin, it was full of blood and was holding the kitchens sharpest knife!...
    Jordan Philips
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    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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