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Los Angeles resident, (east coast expat) artist and videographer whose works include 'Killing Time', 'Number 2' and 'My roommate has a knife and is going to kill me'. She is currently 'working' on her next project.

Now here's my question. Where the hell are the people on here who are 21 and over??

She lives in a hip, cool neighborhood where people spend a lot of money to look poor.

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    mumbled "Like one big online high school writing class"

    My experience on Movella is interesting. It is interesting because when I first signed on to it, I did it through an android app on my phone and I was not very aware of how many young members there are. It's like a fucking high school writing club. I had a very hard time trying to find members around my age and of course, I understood more as to why as I browsed through the site. There were many profiles of members who were 15, or 16. I became worried that this site was exclusive to a certain age group. For example. Writing contest: Write about being bullied. Write about World of Warcraft. There is something very teen about the images used to promote the competition. An image of a teenage girl with a pony tail, glaring. A video game. Really? Does it make me feel uncomfortable? Can I get a 'Hell Yeah' up..in...here?

    Don't misunderstand me. I am not against kids. There is nothing wrong with young people writing online, being members of a community that encourages reading and writing. Some of the writings were pretty good. Keep up the good work, but in the meantime, can I find someone whose work actually reflected their adult experiences or maybe I can make a writing friend who is of legal age to die in a war as military personnel, or buy alcohol?

    I somehow felt like I was a creep, browsing through the novellas and their under aged authors. 'Oh my god.", I thought. 'I feel like Amy Sedaris's character from that t.v. show Strangers with Candy'. If you have never seen Strangers with Candy, google it. Hey. It's the internet age.

    I wanted to delete my profile and I was unable to find an option in my profile settings to do so. There must be hundreds of adults, like myself, who thought the same thing I thought, and wanted out. So there must be hundreds of people that abandoned this site, leaving nothing but an electronic skeletal remain of an empty profile of their once active account on Movella. 'Ok', I thought. 'Maybe I shouldn't give up so easily. Make the best lemonade with lemons, I suppose.'

    There was a ray of hope. I did find one 66 year old man who was writing movellas. Sweet.

    So to end this blog entry, I will brifely mention a conversation I had with a friend of mine, who is in his 30's. He had told me he went to see the film Hugo.

    "Was the movie good?", I asked.
    "Yeah it was good but...", Phill paused. He rolled his eyes..
    "The theater was filled with little kids. I felt like I was a fucking pedo. I wanted to leave, but I spent twelve bucks."
    "What? It's a family film, you know." I thought he was just being dramatic. "Remember when we went to see Wall-E and there were a lot of adults there?", I said.
    "No, it's not like that. I went to see Hugo alone. Moms were looking at me like I was a fucking creep. But yeah. Go see the movie. you will like it."

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    mumbled "Lattes are fucking expensive..."

    Sometimes when I really want a good cup of coffee and just to chill outside my home, my go to place is BRU coffee. Bru appears small on the outside, but when you walk in, the shop is very long and narrow. The tables are small and wooden, as are the seats. There is a loft upstairs with additional seating and one could look down at the whole shop while drinking whatever beverage they ordered. The white walls make the place feel a bit sterile and clean. When the sun comes through the large glass doors that lead to the patio, BRU becomes so bright that you should consider wearing sunglasses. The baristas and patrons are usually of this neighborhood; 'cool' looking hipster young professionals or students. Once, while I waited for my drink to me made, I heard one person say that this was the place 'to get things done.' Then, she pulled out her macbook and started working, while her friend, a tall white woman with very short blond hair and a leather vest, ordered from the bar. The people in the shop had come here to do work on their computers, as if the table they sat in became their own little office.

    This place is not cheap. Whenever I order on a hot day, I usually get a cold brew iced coffee. The price is a steep $3.50 a 12oz glass. Lattes are $4.50 and that is what I am drinking as I type this blahblahblah. Folks, these lattes are not the crap you get at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. This is a damn good latte. Creamy and thick, and very slightly sweetened by it's milk and has a nice nutty aftertaste.

    The barista who made this latte even drew a picture of a flower on it.

    You can't get that at Starbucks.
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    mumbled "Day One"

    Ahmad and I were talking about short people and how we never wanted to date someone who was much shorter than ourselves, with our height being around 5'8 (me) and 5'10 (Ahmad). And by shorter, I mean, like 5'5 and under. His reasoning was because he just did not want to keep looking down at someone and it would seem awkwardly 'daddy daughter-ish'. I shudder.

    "Dude, thats creepy."
    "Yeah, I know.", he said. "Thats one reason why I date people who are at eye level."

    Well, if being on a date with someone 5'5 and under is too awkward, then what about sex. Those short guys and girls need some loving too. I wonder...no..i don't want to go there.

    "You know, I like rough sex and if I was with someone short, like real short, I think I might rip them apart and scare them away. Like, 'Come here you little man! I'm gonna love you hard!' And then scare them away with my fierce loving and dominance."

    I would be sending them running off into the sunset...alone, and then, I would be alone. I am not the gentle type. Not at all....

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