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Chandler Baker has been hooked on books ever since her father first introduced her to Middle Earth. She's been an avid reader and card-carrying nerd ever since. Chandler now works as both a lawyer and writer in Austin, Texas where she resides with her husband and messy Shih Tzu, Major. She is represented by Daniel Lazar at Writers House and over her career, she has ghostwritten extensively for both middle grade and young adult novels.

Her first novel, ALIVE, is forthcoming from Disney-Hyperion in the Spring of 2015.


  • Chandler Baker
    My default is most certainly 1st person. I try other POVs but they alwasy feel stilted and unwieldy. I did have to ghostwrite a number of books in 3rd, which seems to be the standard in certain types of books. It took some getting used to, but I did enjoy it so long as it's close third.
  • Chandler Baker
    Yes, TV! I used to need TV to write. Weird, right? I think it took some of the pressure off getting words on the page. But now I try to make myself at least put it on mute
  • Chandler Baker
    ALIVE centers around a heart transplant surgery, so I've worked around that theme quite a bit. I included headings that are X beats per min. The book is divded into four parts, like a heart, that have different medical charts and each chapter begins with a quote from the Heart Transplant Patient's Handbook. It's fun, but some days I wonder at the amount of work it takes!
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