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Hello my name's Chance Chandler. I'm an 18 year old part time college student (I'm enrolled as a Senior High School Student but also as a Freshmen at the Community College) so I'm a very busy young lady. I also participate in the High School Band, so that just adds to my busy life already.

I enjoy several types of music ranging from Daft Punk to Lauren Aquilina. I'm not usually very picky about music, but I can't tolerate most heavy metal/rock or rap. I do love The Flash though, and enjoy writing about superheros. I'm currently working on Fixing Our Paradox, a story about a superhero that gets stuck in a paradox, but it's not from the hero's point of view.

I hope to get to know a lot of you, and I hope you all enjoy my work! I work really hard on my writing when I have the chance to write... so if you want, please take the time to look at my work, even if you just read the summary.

I edit my stories based on your feedback, so leaving any kind of feedback will help me out greatly! Also I will return the favor if I can find the time to!

Also, Fixing Our Paradox is more of a... short novel. That means short chapters, but a lot more chapters. Maybe later when I go through editing I'll add more or combine chapters, but until then please just bare with me and my random updates!

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    Completely confused on Story Info

    So I'm trying to add a youtube video under the multimedia section, and everything is filled in (even the stuff not required) but I keep getting an error that says I must insert a value for the Fandom... what does that mean? I don't understand what it wants!
    Eve Smallman
    4 years ago
    Underneath the title and next to the buttons titled 'Fiction' and 'Fanfiction' (I'm guessing you picked the latter), there's a drop down list where you need to select what type of Fandom your fanfiction falls under (Like Bandoms, Divergent, etc etc) :) hope that helps!
    Chance Chandler
    4 years ago
    That's the thing, I didn't pick Fanfiction... I picked Fiction...
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    mumbled "Angels and Ivy - Idea in mind..."

    I can't help but notice you're reading my story. I bet you saw it on some filthy shelf, or maybe even stole it from your grandmother's book collection. Whatever the case, you're reading it now. This is the story about how close I came to complete happiness before it was ripped away from me. My story is a little different because well, if I told you my name you would have never picked up this book.
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    Chance Inc.

    Hi there! I'm Chance Chandler and I have been making covers for several years. I never made a Movellas cover though until recently when I needed one for my own story.

    Since I don't have a lot of Movellas examples, I would love to show you all what I have done for Wattpad members in the past. You can see these examples in the following link: http://imgur.com/a/KnXCY#0

    Payment is pretty simple. I thrive on feedback for my story "Fixing our Paradox" in order to improve on it. A short comment at least two sentences in length will get you a cover. It's all I ask.


    Author -
    Title -
    Subtitle (if there is room on the cover) -
    Mood -
    Genre -
    Short Character descriptions -
    Your blurb -
    Any extra information -

    I would like to also say I do not do any fan-fiction of any kind. Sorry, but I only do fiction covers. :)

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