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Heeeeyyyyyy people! I'm going to give you a list of random facts about me!
~For the football fans my favorite team is the Steelers
~I am the member of the unicorn club
~for two hours my friends and I judged a "who can say bubbles in a mean tone" contest
~I have been playing the alto saxophone for three years now
~ I LOVE field hockey and lacrosse
~I'm best friends with a ninja o.O
~My best friend wrote a poem about unicorns and how they will mess up your face
~My homeroom teacher calls me and my best friends and a weird thing by the name of Joey seagulls because we come in his room at the end of the day and take candy
~All of my friends and I have one thing in common we are all WEIRD!!!!!!
p.s Stay WEIRD! :)

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    It's horrible what a few mean words can make a person do!
    Bullying it's not right
    Bullying it's not...
    One day I was at school, it was lunch time and I was on twitter i was hanging out with my best friend crystal blossom I was looking at all the hateful tweets it said @watsup hey loser go die in a hole...
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    This is great write more!!!!!! And is the way Ryan looks and possibly based of a guy who's in our 1/2 and your 5/6?!?!?!?!?
    Not Perfect
    Not Perfect
    Natalie isn't perfect, and doesn't claim to be. But she has a huge crush on a perfect boy, Ryan. But that doesn't always work out. So when she has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she has to take it....
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    This is awesomely amazing!
    If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You
    If You Tell Anyone...
    Unnamed and worthless, Girl is forced to stay hidden from the outside world while her cruel parents inflict pain and terror upon her. Will this change or will Girl live a life of fright and misery forever?...
    4ღℯℓ1ℯ ✰
    Thanks for commenting :D
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    You know this is so weird one of my best friends and I literally we just saying we should write a book on disposing people we don't like! We are always making plans on making people having "accidents"!
    How to Kill One Direction and Other Dastardly Plots
    How to Kill One...
    Sorry to One Direction fans, but it won't just be killing them. It might be getting rid of Justin Bieber, banning the colour pink, etc, etc. So Directoners, don't start saying things like, "No! You can't...
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    Ha best friend code love knowing the story behind those codes! Also, I know what the phone code was about in 1/2 it was boring stuff just MSA.
    You Really Gonna Fight Me Over The Internet (And all the other stupid crap I deal with)
    You Really Gonna...
    Humans, a walking talking form of stupid. Do you agree? This will include people trying to caps-lock me to death on the internet and completely random and crazy events that take place in the zoo the government...
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