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16, blonde(extremely blonde)
"Chin up, Head down" keep your chin up and make sure no-one knocks you down, keep your head down and focused and you'll do well.
Apparently I'm the Louis Tomlinson of my very special retarded group of friends, even got the braces to prove it.. i had them first i swear! :P
Life can be as amaZayn or fabLouis or brilLiam or extraordinHarry or phenomeNiall as you make it.. yeah im clever like that..

Peace Peoples, make cupcakes not war, in a beezy, chat to ya'll later...

oh yeah please check out my Wattpad page, just type in CazzaGleave in the search bar... yes i love example, problem? no? good then hush xxxx

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    mumbled "first story and message "

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    well thats a good start to my first story, they're all on Wattpad.com if you want to read more :') it would be brilliant if you could, i shall try and copy all the ones on there to here so theyre on both but it takes a while :) hope its all ok though <3 Cazza xxx
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