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    The Boyfriend Problem
    Me and James were the perfect couple. We did everything together. Until he became famous and dumped me for another famous teenager. I should probably tell you the whole story before you make your judgements. My name is Sam I am a teenager with a small group of friends and go to a private school. Oh and did I mention I have a hot, cool, caring boyfriend called Alex. Let me tell you about Alex. Alex as I said is hot! And extremely cool because he is in a rock band called the Mud Slide and basically the perfect boyfriend. Until that one night. We were on the sofa watching Britain’s Got Talent and I said that it would be awesome if the band auditioned. That was the worst idea I ever had. Alex picked up his leather jacket and kissed me and went out of the door I was very confused. The next morning I went to school and in assembly the head-master said that Mud Slide was going to audition I was gob-smacked. I supported the group all the way they made to the semi-finals and got 2nd. I thought too my-self brilliant. But when Alex came off the stage he was looking distressed I asked what was wrong he said he was seeing another girl. Famous girl. I was heart-broken. I didn’t eat, sleep, nothing I was waiting for his phone-call to say how sorry he was. Four weeks after the break-up he phoned saying the band split-up apparently too much pressure. And he wanted to get back with me. But weirdly enough I said no because if he loved me in the start he would’ve kept his eyes on me that shows he didn’t love me enough and he loved the fame more.
    Catrin Ann Roberts
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