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    This has made a shiver go down my spine! Love, love, love the strapline and am already hooked! Feel unfeasibly excited to see my characters getting a new life of their own ! You are an awesome writer too. Understated, gripping, intriguing!
    I Predict A Romance
    I Predict A Romanc...
    (A #taggie fanfiction) I pretended that I had forgotten. He wouldn't let me. [Cover by Jade.P]
    3 years ago
    Thank you so much Catherine! It really means a lot to hear that from such a talented author.
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    SOOOOO sorry that I only just found this! It just gets better and better. You are ramping up the tension soooo beautifully - the writing is taut, spare, the tension tightly and beautifully handled so that there is a sense of unspilled emotion throbbing below the surface! Genuinely, you write so well! Oh, and it helps that Benedict is in it too - maybe that's what's got my pulse racing! No- I think it's the ideat the Tokes is close by ...
    Can't tell you how touched I am that youa re writing this and what an awesome writer you are!
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