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Hello! I'm Catherine, but people call me Catty.
All I can really say about myself is that I'm just an amateur writer using my stories help me to get through the stress of university!
I'm probably not going to be very active unless it's between April- August because of classes and such but I hope you enjoy have to offer!

All my stories are originals and not based on true stories, so they are purely from my own imagination. If you see any copies of my stories that are not under my user please let me know!

Some things about me:
- I'm studying psychology in university with the hopes of being an IBI therapist for children with Autism
- I love working with kids; I have about 11 years working with kids of different ages
- I LOVE horror movies & TV shows (if you have a scary story for me to read, feel free to recommend it!)..
- my favourite show by far is Supernatural (Castiel is my innocent little angel baby <3)


IP works:
Truth or Dare

Catty's Cover Store
Catty's Review Store

ALL story covers on my published works are made by me.

  • Catherine_Bates

    mumbled "Thank you :)"

    I just realized that I have 39 fans??? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I don't know what I did to deserve it, as I've really only been updating the cover store, but thank you, thank you so much :)

    I'll try to get chapter 1 of Truth or Dare out today, it's been ages since I posted the prologue!! I've been having some emotional problems (anxiety sucks, woohoo) which caused no motivation to do much writing other than making covers to get my mind on something else (self-promo moment - check out my cover store!)...
    ANYWAY... I'm doing okay now so I'll try and get out a new chapter ASAP :)


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    mumbled "Truth or Dare"


    So, writer's block sucks! Haha, so what better way to reduce writers block than to start writing a new story? Truth or Dare will be a murder-mystery type of story with a bit of a twist and two points of view. I'll probably be posting the first chapter or a prologue later today :) Have a good day everyone!
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    8 months ago
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    Can you make a cover for me???????
    8 months ago
    Absolutely! :) I actually have a cover store where you can make a request and see some of my other stuff :)
    Team Scream
    8 months ago
    Oh that's cool! I just knew that I love this one!
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