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    You are such an amazing author! This is so good! I love this Movella!!! :) x
    My Brother's Best Friend | One Direction (13+)
    My Brother's Best...
    The name's Amber. Amber Tomlinson. Yes, I'm the sister of Louis Tomlinson, the biggest player in school. That's about all I'm known for, and all I'm seen as. Although I'm attractive, I've never had a boyfriend....
  • catgir23e4568
    Olivia, 5'5", brown hair to my waist, brown eyes and freckles, quiet but funny, i like Kickboxing, Piano and CCF, Harry please. Thank you :) x
    One Direction Imagines!
    One Direction Imag...
    Hope you enjoy some of these! if you want me to make you one, comment your: name, height, hair colour and length, eye colour, personality and boy! add any extra details if you'd like. sorry if it takes...
    5 years ago
    5 years ago
    Thank you!! It's so good!
  • catgir23e4568
    Name: Olivia
    Age: 14
    Who with: Harry
    Dirty or not dirty: Don't mind
    Looks: Brown hair to my waist, brown eyes and freckles
    Personality: Quiet, funny, kind
    Interests: Kickboxing, Piano, CCF
    Ideas: Maybe we meet at school and I think he's just a player but it turns out he really likes me
    Thank you :) x
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Some 1D Imagines!
  • catgir23e4568
    Olivia and Harry, long please! I have straight brown hair to my waist, brown eyes and olive skin. I am quiet but funny and nice. I do Kickboxing, Piano and CCF. Could you do something like I meet him at kickboxing or something...? Thank you so much :) x
    1D Imagines
    1D Imagines
    I'm making a collection of imagines about all five boys from One Direction, Andy and Josh! Mostly written by me, I will give credit if the Imagine isn't mine!!
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