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I haven't been on here in forever. I'm currently looking back at my stories and wondering 'why?'

also, i've deleted all my old movellas, so sorry if you actually enjoyed them. i thought they were terrible...

but on the bright side, I'm writing a new harry fanfic called "speechless" :) check it out

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    hey ! i havent been online in a while, but i see that we were writing a story together and I was wondering if you still wanted to continue with it (there would have to be some rewriting of course, my writing in the past was cringe worthy)

    Im sorry for disappearing on you! xx
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    ATTENTION // I've been gone for like 839929 years (which translates to about 3 years), for that I apologize. Perhaps I can write a new movella, because I just reread all of my old ones and they are horrid. I am surprised I even got 1000+ reads on some. I was really young so my writing was terrible as well as my grammar, haha xD I'll consider writing a new movella, ilysm. xx
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    Update ASAP!
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    I will always ship Borry!!!! I mean Harry seems like he won't hurt Brook like Zayn always does. And it gets pretty tiring reading about Zayn hurting her and then Brook forgiving him way to easy. It's just... *sigh* I dunno. But Harry and Brook are just... THE CUTEST THING EVER! I mean.... THEY SAVED EACH OTHER! C'mon!!!!
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    Dark || Z.M
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