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Complete amateur, but willing to see where this could go. :-D

  • Cass Berhane
    Very sweet and endearing. I too didnt expect the person to be dead and it made me feel sad. You left it right till the last line to reveal and I think you executed that fantastically. Hope you never stop writing babe. :-) x
    I don't know what I thought about when I wrote this. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and what else kind of mistakes I do (;
  • Cass Berhane

    mumbled "Im back..."

    Been a while, no doubt nobody missed me but I hope to change that one day. My dream is to oneday be the sort of writer your grandchildrens' children will still be talking about. Positively of course. :-)
  • Cass Berhane
    Love it love love it! :-).. I could actually feel the wind from dragon flight. My mouth actually dropped when Asura said 'Welcome to Celestia'... . You have a knack for swaying from moments of thought and reflection to simple action and I felt like I was transported with ease. Keep up the good work please. For humanity's sake! :-)
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  • Cass Berhane
    Great idea! :-)
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  • Cass Berhane
    Im back. Been away for some time because of life related issues but hopefully Im back for good now... More chapters coming soon.
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    Going back
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