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    Your story is AMAZAYN PHENOMINALL FABULOUIS BRILLIAM AND EXTRIORDINARY. You should make it that 1Ds guard -the scary one- ends up being the murderer so wen jonathan comes to pick up erin to take her away from this amazing life she had he meets the guard and somehow figures out who he is and puts him in jail-etc. then erin and harry could get like married and etc.Hope u like my idea,i know u didnt ask gor any but ithot i might tell you :)
    I Finally Found You (Completed)
    I Finally Found...
    Today, my name is Olivia Moore. But, it used to be Erin Parker. I had grown up with a normal life in Holmes Chapel, England. I had two of the best parents a child could have. Though I didn’t have any siblings,...
    Iridescent Artist
    No, thats actually a REALLY good idea, but I already have the next to chapters written :P Nice thinking though :)
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    Make them , investigate how she looks like el or hide from louis
    Switched (A 1D/Eleanor Calder Fanfic)
    Switched (A 1D/Ele...
    How annoying would it be if everyone around you kept mistaking your name for someone else? Someone you have never heard of. How annoying it is for random people coming up to you asking to have photos with...
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    Aswome Story!
    My Brothers Band Mate - Harry Styles
    My Brothers Band...
    Hi im Jacky and I was adopted by the one and only Payne family and Liam Payne is now my brother, I moved in with him to try and make friends but things happen and not everything goes to plan... Romance?...
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    Pweeeess update!i read the first book and i finished this one in 1 1/2 days!!!really good series u have to continue!!!
    Fight For You {Book 2 completed}
    Fight For You {Boo...
    *Sequel to Only You* It is said that time heals all wounds, but Ally’s cuts just keep getting deeper and deeper. She thinks the horror is over when Damen is locked away, but little does she know. What...
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